When it gets dark, we go home

Just a perfect day
drink Sangria in the park
And then later
when it gets dark, we go home

Just a perfect day

feed animals in the zoo
Then later
a movie, too, and then home

Just a perfect day
problems all left alone
Weekenders on our own
it’s such fun

Just a perfect day
you made me forget myself
I thought I was

Someone else

Someone good

Enjoy spring coming, feel it in your nerve.



2012 or Another Year Older

Another year passed. A 2012 filled with life, death, birth, work, play, alcohol, dancing, stressing and sleeping.

A 2013 is soon upon us. This is the time to get pretentious – before the new year´s resolutions. And I indulge. Why?

Because pretentious means dreaming a little. Getting perspective. Raising the bar, getting a bird´s view of your life. What have I done? When my actions constitue my identity – who will I be and how will I act for the next year, or the one to come?

I promise myself to be honest to myself and others about who I am. Who I want to be.

I promise myself to have integrity in my decisions and decide for myself. I promise myself not to be at the whim of any other human or event.

I tell myself it´s OK to be dependent on other´s, and for them to be dependent on me. But I am still my own person.

I promise myself to read more books, be happy, feel healthy and free.

Now you go!






Photo Elizabeth Gadd.

Light it.


Realize that we are lost

Inse att vi är förlorade. Att vi aldrig mer är oberoende.

Realize that we are lost. That we will never again be independent.

~ Gadd ~



Hey me

Smell the summer –


My vacation starts in a less than a week. I will lay on grass and me my own brutal self and let that over-me that works at me like an over-eager teacher in Discipline and Niceness lay off for a while.


To live today, to die saying “no”

Who am I to say
That I could save the world today

Who are you
To say no

– Timo Räisänen, One Day



A Sunday Morning Porno-pic


Yes please, let this be my future window and view. I will love and cherish you, you little nook, drinking coffee and hanging out in you and I can almost certainly promise you I´ll sit in you even when it rains, looking out the window, feeling melodramatic and existential. Please be mine.


Laugh of the day


Harry Belafonte and Martin Luther King. Laughing in their awesomeness? If not, they should…

Belafonte singing and Luther saying:

Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.