A Sunday Morning Porno-pic


Yes please, let this be my future window and view. I will love and cherish you, you little nook, drinking coffee and hanging out in you and I can almost certainly promise you I´ll sit in you even when it rains, looking out the window, feeling melodramatic and existential. Please be mine.



Why I dress out like a boy every time there´s a mascarade…

Because androgynous is so frekking hot. Especially this girl.



Time after time

I am confused. I still think this is a hotty –

– and would love to prance around in my fluffy red hair and boyfriend shirt all day (and night) long, but allegedly this is what´s what:


Anyone with me here? No? Right.


To put on your walls at summer

A summerhouse, a room, needs love on the walls. I´m responsible for that love – and wonder which kind of direction it will take. Lately I have been dreaming of a wild combination of old, J W Woodhouse and Le Petit Prince.


To appear in control


I don’t feel I have to wipe everybody out, Tom. Just my enemies

~ Don Corleone, The Godfather ~


The stuff on your head

As you might notice I have been going down the shallow path ever since my pretentious New Year´s resolutions, but hey, balance is needed and also, I´m nervous that I won´t look cool enough once in the City.





LOVE – this stuff. Fresh and crisp and that´s why I went blonde on your ass last night again, from an undefined weird lightish brown-blonde way.


Style & a snuggle


Continuing the shallow theme of looks for a spring office.

Photos & photo.

Maybe with a little puppie on the arm… Oh the snuggles!


A shallow balance

To weigh out the former, more spiritual post, if you will – here comes a plead for outfit support.

Formal outfits required before the spring. I want to look like a mix of a Lauryn Hill song and Cesaria Evora – cool, glossy, laid back but professional.

Along these lines: