A plan for 2012

If you do not recognize this little piazza, then first – shame on you – then second, a hint; Alea iacta est! Et tu, Brute! Why isn´t it…

Yes, it is, the city. Rome. In April, thank you very much.

Now for pepping up; what to read before that?



A humble abode

Would very much like a house like this.

Or this.

OR this


I will just nip back in time to make sure one of these suckers are inherited right down to me…


Take the road less travelled


Boat from the quay nearby.


On a walk with my Mom during which she harvested tons of chanterelles and I stood by, taking photos… No one ever walks the depths of these woods, and as a true child of the city, I see trolls behind every tree.


A lovely cup of coffee and a biscotti to go with it to wrap up a spa weekend with my friend.

A kick-ass fall.

/ Jojo

Let´s ramble the streets of Italy

Magnesina at Etzy takes these lovele photographs with some kind of tiltshift function working rapidly on some of them to make a doll house land.






A scent of spring and inspiration

Tip of the day: A Creative Mint inspires to get a mood board and nice notebooks. Loves it.



A princess

Photo from le blog, of course!

Let´s see now, where did I put my map? My castle? My prince?

Honestly, love this photo. Love that blog. It´s a love story to girls, women, fairy tale light and all of that. Chic as!



Compact living

Tell me you do not want to live in this little cottage. That little cobble-path through the water is the only way to get to the house!

By Mackenzie Child from Artist Inspires Artists.




… Where I haven´t been but hopefully will one day.

Zhangjiajie National Park, China


A fairy tale

Look through these and tell me you can not feel the scent of lavender, heavy flower gardens and a trace of Colin Firth´s eau de cologne! Since there are few things I love more than a good story, and in particular fairy tales, I was, of course, thrilled to find others with the same inclination;

Above photo from Victorian Mysteries where someone devotes their time entirely to the Victorian times. You say weird, I say fantastico! Look here if you are not one to flinch at the sight of staring, life like pretty dolls and humans.

This from here.

This from Anna.

And this from Vicky lover.

Why not listen to this, close your eyes and try and feel the wind blowing in from your park-garden.


Bonne nuit


From fantastic le blog de la mechante.