2012 or Another Year Older

Another year passed. A 2012 filled with life, death, birth, work, play, alcohol, dancing, stressing and sleeping.

A 2013 is soon upon us. This is the time to get pretentious – before the new year´s resolutions. And I indulge. Why?

Because pretentious means dreaming a little. Getting perspective. Raising the bar, getting a bird´s view of your life. What have I done? When my actions constitue my identity – who will I be and how will I act for the next year, or the one to come?

I promise myself to be honest to myself and others about who I am. Who I want to be.

I promise myself to have integrity in my decisions and decide for myself. I promise myself not to be at the whim of any other human or event.

I tell myself it´s OK to be dependent on other´s, and for them to be dependent on me. But I am still my own person.

I promise myself to read more books, be happy, feel healthy and free.

Now you go!





About thejojonetwork

The feeling you get when something touches you genuinely. A movie, a picture, a place or a song. I will sort through the dayly buzz and try to find the glimpses of gold that lights a spark in me. All the fantastic things that you sometimes take for granted. Take a look around and lit the spark.

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