A 2012 to remember



Each year is worth remembering, of course, but for different reasons. I have always liked the pretentious but also festive feeling there is to making New Year´s resolutions, but have come to disagree with them more recently. Maybe because they are all smoke screens for many people. Try to quit smoking. Lose a pound. Get on with my training. 

See, most of the resolutions people tell you – they might have different, more intimate ones – are about prestige, doing better, performing. Maybe 2012 shouldn´t be about performing. Maybe, in the face of life and in the face of all that could end it, we should focus on the stuff that makes all that other stuff, the performances, look shallow.

Yes, this is a chronicle to “what really matters”. I can´t help it. Guess I still have an inkling for the pretentious New Year´s stuff. But I guess my resolutions will be more about getting my life philosophy through my thick head, outside myself, through to my actions and transfer to other people.

I have both personal and not so personal resolutions for 2012, and for life, I guess:

To do everything like it was on purpose. Get on the bus every morning like that was exactly what you planned to, and do it with intention. Pretend you´re a child, pretending to be a grown up. See it from a different perspective. Say hello to people. Look at this! It´s more than feeling you can do something that has butterfly effects – it´s having the feeling that you can do things that make you feel proud of its consequences and put a little faith in yourself. You put stuff out there you wouldn´t mind coming back to you.

And something I have pondered over for quite some time – to push myself, give myself courage to do things I wouldn´t otherwise do and put things in perspective, and old cliché – live life like every day was your last. It sounds quite terrible and pessimistic at a quick glance, but it is actually the contrary. Or, as Mitch Albom puts it:

Do as the Buddhists do. Have a  little bird on your shoulder that asks you:

Is it going to happen today? Am I ready? Am I doing everything I should be doing? Am I the person I want to be?”


Finally, to end this moral lecture, I let Freddie finish 2011´s failures and accomplishments, wins and losses, griefs and sources of happiness.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of his hand.



Nostalgia and to be an heir

Saw delicious movie – Paris at Midnight. The bit of nostalgia enthrilled me, but missed its goal. I love nostalgia. I love engorging in old times, imagining lives of people ages ago and how they dealt with everyday things as well as large world events.


Paris, of course, is lovely, but my fav place to dream of is England. What better then, than to cozy up with fantastic Downton Abbey?


Fantastic Maggie Smith is, as always, a woman of strong character with a pondus that reaches through and grabs you by the throat should you feel the urge to put your feet up on the coffee table.



And of course – the couple. All of these couples in British movies from the 19-20th century has a reluctant female idol, have you noticed? Regard Austen´s Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice – although the roles are quite contrary in Downton Abbey, with the lady regarding her the moral as well as social superior to her gentleman.

Ah, the glory days. Could I be a nice maid with a good household, God help me, I like the idea. Of course, right of education, civic rights etc etc etc. Let me linger in my politically incorrect nostalgia in a while, will you?


You see an abandonded chair on the street

and you think “It has the potential to be something beautiful”

You see a homeless on the street and you think

“Dont make eye contact”

From this ad.


Words are superfluous


A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.
~ Ingrid Bergman ~


Movie love

Is this the way love is supposed to be?


A fall memory

My walk in the woods a few weeks ago.




All Saint´s Eve today, and I will think of love ones gone to eternity.

No matter how it ends, cherish these moments

Of solace found in friends

For these are your days, continue your play

For you know not the next time you will meet

Someone who knows you best to date

And who loves you all the same


~ Christian Kjellvander, “Hallelujah” ~







Never separate the life you live from the words you speak




From here.

“To have heart” = ‘to be kind’,  ‘compassionate’, ‘to be courageous’