To love and to hold – again and again

What love is the it-question. The question that has puzzled, bewildered and enchanted millions of lives before ours and will do millions after. Some people find it in every person they meet, some never find it. Some loves are temporary, some are eternal.

What is my point? My point is love is love. It falters when you do and grows when you do. Don´t let it become your or define you, that love that is out there for everyone to reach out and touch, poke at, question.

What is love for me? Love is when you pick all those pieces apart that you consist of, and he or she consists of and what you two are, and then shake it about and rebuild it the way you want, in the shape and form that´s ours, and that the construction of you and him or her and you both are something that feels deep down in your gut.

Love isn´t making no mistakes, no fights, no disagreements, no sleepless nights. Love is not al love-making until dawn and tears of joy and marriage and children and families or friends bonding like there was no tomorrow. Love isn´t what movies tell you, it isn´t what your friends tell you. It isn´t what I tell you. Love isn´t even that. Love is you. Love is he or she. And what you make of it. Find it, cherish it, accept it.





About thejojonetwork

The feeling you get when something touches you genuinely. A movie, a picture, a place or a song. I will sort through the dayly buzz and try to find the glimpses of gold that lights a spark in me. All the fantastic things that you sometimes take for granted. Take a look around and lit the spark.

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