Jump when they tell you

Photo from Iconic Editions – loads of beautiful photographs in black/white.

Well if you’re determined to jump when they tell you
Then maybe it’s best that you do it alone
Watch TV, read the papers, have the miserable time of your life
~ Chess ~

Despite my chosen education (political science) I in know way am in love with reading the news reports everyday. Especially bad news papers, which constantly, inevitably it seems, dig up the most depressing things that could ever be known to man for the last 24 hours.

My advice:

 – Read critically!

 – Make your own opinion!

 – Always read the comics at the end. Lightens it up!



About thejojonetwork

The feeling you get when something touches you genuinely. A movie, a picture, a place or a song. I will sort through the dayly buzz and try to find the glimpses of gold that lights a spark in me. All the fantastic things that you sometimes take for granted. Take a look around and lit the spark.

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