Longing is all that matters

Photo from here.

I can most definitely identify with this picture. All my life I wanted to eat more than I could possibly stomache; you could either say it´s good I´ve got an appetite for life, or that I am simply greedy.

When my Mom took me and my brother she let us pick whatever cookie we wanted. I always took the largest, prettiest, with the most decorations. Although I´m actually not a big fan of pastries. I took a bite and then sat there looking at the mess. I´ve forced myself to love a lot of food – for which I am thankful today, as I´ll eat pretty much anything you heat and put on a plate in front of me. Because it looks so good. Oh, so good.





About thejojonetwork

The feeling you get when something touches you genuinely. A movie, a picture, a place or a song. I will sort through the dayly buzz and try to find the glimpses of gold that lights a spark in me. All the fantastic things that you sometimes take for granted. Take a look around and lit the spark.

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